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People think, feel and act.

People communicate based on their values, their culture, their competences and their personal communication style.

To communicate more successfully it may be sensible to impress, convince, and involve people.

3DC Academy

To what extent can we systematically understand human behaviour, make it transparent and predict it? In the course of human history many clever women and men, thinkers and philosophers, strategists and entrepreneurs have addressed this question. Read more...

3DC Model

The 3DC Model is a system to increase quality and efficiency in communication.

The 3DC Model defines three different, equally valid communication styles: "Actional", "Rational" and "Emotional".

The 3DC Model is gender neutral and transcultural. It is characterised by: Read more...

3DC Network

The 3DC Network partners, trainers, and consultants are experienced people from various business sectors. They have outstanding communication and method expertise along with an unconventional mindset. They enjoy designing communication concepts, strategies, and processes creatively and actively (with the aim of providing support to demanding leaders, experts and employees in their business endeavours). Read more...