3DC Network Partners

Marcel Kissling (1949), dipl. Ing. FH, CH-8442 Hettlingen (Zurich)

After graduating from university Marcel Kissling worked in various organisations as a financial consultant, and sales and product manager. Later on, he exercised executive functions in mid-sized businesses, ranging from project manager to chief managing director. He founded the Kissling Institute in 1987. Together with his team of trainers and consultants he provides support to renowned international business and industrial groups in form of management and communication expertise. His professional activities also include a position as lecturer at the Zurich University of Business and Technology.

In 1987 he founded the Kissling Institute with the aim of carrying out coaching and communication training in business organisations. For this purpose, he developed practical seminar concepts and training methods, based on the following: classic sales, leadership, communication and organisation models, sales, project, and leadership experience in mid-sized businesses and groups, transactional analysis and morphology in behaviour control.

As an engineer, he was always interested in developing practical tools for successfully overcoming professional challenges based on knowledge in psychology.

Raymond Fein (1950), lic. iur., CH-8134 Adliswil (Zurich)

Raymond Fein was born in 1950 in Zurich, Switzerland. He grew up bilingual (English/German) and attended primary and secondary school in Zurich, Oberägeri (Zug) and Trogen (Appenzell). He is a trained textile trader and has a degree in business. He also has a law degree from the University of Zurich. Raymond Fein has held executive and HR management positions in medium-sized companies in the textiles industry. He was the headmaster of one of the largest private schools in Switzerland, as well as editor, project manager and consultant for the Swiss television. As a PR and publicity expert he participates in projects involving all media and distribution channels.

Mr. Fein is an independent entrepreneur, and a communication and PR consultant since 1975. In 1981 he founded his company R. Fein CPM (operating as fein-communication since 2008): Consulting various companies and coaching individuals, in particular in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. He is a visiting lecturer at various universities. Music and show business: recipient of various honours and awards as a producer, composer, lyricist, musician and presenter. Personal information: Two children. Hobby: Jass (a Swiss card game).

Since the 70s, Raymond Fein has been interested in "dealing with people" from many perspectives. As a university teacher and headmaster he has asked himself how it is possible to raise students' interest in a topic more purposefully: What lesson structure would equally appeal to "all" students? How can tests be designed in a more equitable way? As a textile trader, he was interested in successful buying and selling. As an entrepreneur, publicity and PR expert and sales trainer, he looked for the possibilities of gaining customers more systematically and addressing them more efficiently. Finally, as a developer, editor and moderator of TV programmes and as a musician, he was interested in the need to better engage the audience and get higher ratings more purposefully. Raymond Fein was given an important impulse by his long-term mentor, psychologist Dr. Leo Poljak and the acclaimed Swiss author and business consultant Victor Scheitlin.

Silvia von Ballmoos (1962), CH-8500 Frauenfeld

Silvia von Ballmoos began her 14-year career as a moderator on Swiss television during her law studies. In 1995, parallel to her work in television, she founded the internationally operating company Silvia von Ballmoos Communications AG, which provides communication and media training as well as PR services.

Silvia von Ballmoos is on the Board of Directors of the IT company ATG Advanced Swiss Technology Group and the St. Moritz Opera, Vice President of the Foundation Board of Tele D, member of the Public Affairs Committee and the Council of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, and member of the Swiss Chapter of the World Scout Foundation.

Silvia von Ballmoos has lived in Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, and has an international network. Her many years of experience as a TV moderator make her a competent contact person and trainer for radio or TV training. She feels at ease in Swiss and international circles and knows what she is talking about when it comes to savoir-vivre. As a sought-after presenter at major social events, she makes a substantial contribution to the network with expertise on presenting at major events.

Lucas Kletschke (1965), CH-8479 Altikon (Zurich)

Lucas Kletschke graduated in business management at the University of Cologne. In 1990 he moved to Switzerland, In a leading american IT company he worked as a Controller, Operations Manager, Customer Relations Manager and Sales Director. Then member leading board of a global consulting company. Since 2003 active as independent business and communication consultant. He is a pragmatist and loves the challenge. His professional scope also includes a position as lecturer at the “Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik“ in Zurich. He is co-founder and president of the 3DK-Akademie.

Lucas Kletschke has 5 children and 5 grandchildren. He lives in Zurich (Switzerland) and Bradenton (Florida). His hobbies are playing soccer, tennis and running marathons.


Marcel Grether alias "Magrée" (1964), D-79540 Lörrach

Marcel Grether is a trained businessman and computer scientist. He is also a multiple Swiss champion of magic and winner of numerous international awards. He is the first Swiss magician to produce a full-length show in Las Vegas. With his numerous TV shows and exclusive appearances, he is one of the best in his field internationally. Since 1988, Marcel Grether runs his own company Magic Marketing GmbH. He produces and stages customised marketing concepts, training and shows for small and large European businesses. He leads teams of up to 50 people. Since 2000, Marcel Grether has been combining professional, performance and communication competence in a unique way. Along with his numerous appearances as a magician, Marcel Grether imparts his knowledge and secrets of communication and performance in business seminars.

Marcel Grether has the rare gift of inspiring as a professional entertainer and methodically and didactically help seminar participants as a trainer to make progress. Today, he provides independent consultancy to customers within his company Magic Marketing GmbH - Communication & Magic, and he has been a partner of the Kissling Institute since 2005. He is a lecturer at the Zurich University since 2008. Magrée lives with his family in Lörrach, right on the border with Switzerland, with a breathtaking view of his native city of Basle. He was a 36-time national player at the Swiss Roller Hockey National Championship and held different titles at the RS Basel. He is still interested in sports today and likes to play in poker tournaments. Marcel Grether connects new, exciting learning processes of communication with interesting and creative aspects of verbal and non-verbal performance competence, and his focus is both on fascination and fun, as well as precision and perfection, during the learning process and implementation.