Communication Style

Many of today's views on "human beings" are based on the assumption that a part of human behaviour is innate (genetic) and another part is acquired (upbringing / environment / experience, etc.). The extent and demarcation are a subject of discussion.

The 3DC Model is also based on the assumption that each person by nature is able to learn other behaviour patterns / communication styles, in addition to the innate, genetic abilities, and therefore each "healthy" / "intelligent" person is essentially able to communicate using different styles and/or to learn to do this. This assumption is comparable to the idea that "any person can essentially learn any language".

The 3DC Model is not concerned mainly with how much of human behaviour is derived from the "basic setting". The 3DC Model rather focuses on how people can consciously control and purposefully develop their communication behaviour and how they can address others in a more targeted way. So it concerns the questions of

  • expanding and cultivating the personal communication style,
  • developing a three-dimensional communication culture for dealing with individuals and groups,
  • and applying the three-dimensional aspects in communicative situations with the "public".