The 3DC Model

The 3DC Model is a system to increase quality and efficiency in communication.
The 3DC Model defines three different, equally valid communication styles:
"Actional", "Rational" and "Emotional".
"Equally valid" in this context means: there is neither a "right" nor a "wrong" style, but all three 3DC styles could prompt an increase or decrease in value.
The 3DC Model and all methods derived from it are easy to understand and applicable in all areas of communication.
The 3DC Model is not gender-specific and not limited to any one culture. It is characterised by:

  • Focus on communication: demarcation from character or suitability models
  • Method to differentiating between communication content and communication style
  • Practicality: easy to pass on and quick to apply

These three styles are attributed primary colours to facilitate use:

Yellow for EMOTIONAL.

The term "communication style" is used both generally and to embody the communication style. The terms "communication form", "general style", "combination of styles", or "communicative behaviour" are used to describe either the personal 3DC style combination of an individual person or the 3DC style combination of a public message.